New Work From Instagram

I May be making these images for t-shirts soon. I’m hoping to either open an Etsy site or post them on I really hope to post more often and post more design work as well,

Tweak The Drunk-O-Bot
Staggering drunk robot
Mecha Gnesha
A robot version of the Hindu Diety
Robo Punk
Punk Robot Illustration


When I was in Art School the late nights studying, partying and drinking caused me to gain a massive amount of weight. At one point I tipped the scales at 255 lbs. At the poultry height of 5′ 10″ 255 lbs made me look like a bowling ball with feet. After I graduated I decided to try yoga as a means of getting into shape. This plan worked and worked well. While practicing yoga I lost close to 80 lbs. It has now become a part of daily routine and will be for the rest of my life.

With all this in mind I had to make a robot to embody the meditation and calm that yoga represents in my life…Yogabot!

A meditating machine


Ideabot Wrestles With Failure…

Well, the client decided to go in another direction. Even after all the time and effort put in to the campaign. The client walked and hasn’t returned any of Ideabot’s calls for payment. He sits with a drink contemplating legal action. Poor Ideabot…it all went wrong, despite the client’s love of your concept initially.

It all went wrong.
Ideabot drowns his sorrows after disappointing news.