My name is Keni Thomas and I’m an artist from Philly. On the clock I am an illustrator and an advertising/promotional designer. But, once I leave my cubicle for the day anything creative is fair game!
I love to create pieces using a wide variety of mediums, including traditional and digital, which this blog will highlight.
At work I am Clarke Kent, mild mannered designer; off the clock… I am a creative Superman, creating new images constantly.
I hope you enjoy looking at my pieces as much as I love creating them.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ken or Clark
    I trust all is well at home. I can’t send you the brief video from the park this way. I was also hoping to include the photo I took on your camera.
    Click on the link and see the sub album Penn Treaty Park.

  2. “This is a copy paste message”

    Hi there my name is Almeida Garcez, and I´m a freelance illustrator and writer.
    I love to listen, and interpretate the power of words.
    My work is mainly focus on social issues, philosophy, and existentialism.
    Right now I´m into a very personal project, that I think it´s the answer for all forms of life – collaboration.
    I illustrate people´s phrases, songs and wandering thoughts, I´ve called it Abandoned Illustrations.
    The reason that I´m “reaching” you, it´s because you followed me a couple of weeks ago.
    I hope it wasn´t a mechanical reaction that bursted out of you.
    I hope the first reaction I caused in you, was good, and my work truly made you reflect.
    We both know it´s easy to follow someone, since we already do that in our role in society,
    and in all sorts of ideologies.
    Please unfollow me if you only intended to sell your marketing.
    If you didn´t returned to my blog after you followed me, please go to:
    There you can take a look at the topography of my reflections, and overall geography of my brain.
    If you come to a conclusion that after all you don´t like my interpretations and analogies, please unfollow my blog.

    Kindest Regards
    Almeida Garcez

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