More Commute Art

I often draw animals on the train. Today I felt like drawing a spider with a pencil. The spider is styled after a spider I’ve seen in my back yard. I’m not afraid of spiders but, I tend to let them go about their fascinating and busy lives. I saw a parallel between the spider constantly building and rebuilding and me drawing and redrawing. There is a perpetual nature to animals which I would like to emulate. I wish to make creativity instinctive and constant throughout my life, hence the art from my commute. Enjoy!

Art Spider

A new piece from my commute…

The original sketch from the train.

While on the train to work I often get images that I can’t shake. Friday, it was a mouse in a gas mask. Who knows what I’m going to use it for? As usual I have to get these images out so they don’t haunt me for months. Without being able to work on canvas pen and ink then illustrator has start to become my default medium for speed.

Finally A Blog

For all who know me this has been a long time coming. I’ve always wanted to create a means for me to show the things I’m working on in stages and now…it lives, it lives! I hope that I can make this interesting for all who visits…enjoy.